Friday, August 1, 2014

The Manotick Farmers Market -- a cornucopia just minutes south of Ottawa

At the Manotick Farmers Market

What a great day we had at the Manotick Farmers Market! We met some new fans who signed up for the newsletter, sold some CDs and cookbooks and even met fellow musicians. All told, a fantastic day!

Our fellow vendors were so friendly and offered this newcomer perks like 1.00 coffee (really good coffee) from Coffeys Coffee (still only 1.50 for everyone else) and a dollar off a bag of crunchy Empire apples from Hall's Apple Market -- Yum!

Book lovers will appreciate the huge Carriage Shop used book sale in the building behind my tent (see pic below). I popped in briefly, but was too busy (yay) to shop -- next time!

Stairwell Caroller booth at the Manotick Farmers Market
Stairwell Caroller booth at the Manotick Farmers Market

The fun does not stop at the market -- there are lots of reasons to visit Manotick. Here are just a few events connected to Watson's Mill. It's a happenin' town.

Here's a walking tour :)
I recommend anyone who wants to sell their produce, crafts, art work etc. at the Manotick Farmers Market to get involved now. The season goes till October 11th rain or shine and if you don't delay, there will still be room for a new vendor or two. Hint to vendors -- show up well before 8:30 for setup or you'll be jostling early market goers for parking space!
8:30 am at the Manotick Farmers Market
8:30 am -- the quiet before the storm

Thanks to Jack of Jack's fudge and 2 Broke Boys for inviting the Stairwell Carollers to join the party!

The organizers from Watson's Mill, located just across the street, have even supplied us with a tent -- very posh. I got to have fun in the sun without giving up the lovely shade -- the CDs appreciated that for sure.
Nice tent at the Manotick Farmers Market
Nice tent at the Manotick Farmers Market
Whether you want fresh vegetables and fruit, organic eggs, fudge or even a sprout garden in a jar, the Manotick farmers Market has it all!
Open from 8:30 am till 2:00 pm Saturdays until October 11th, 2014, the Market stands across from historic Watson's Mill in The quaint town of Manotick, south of Ottawa.
And this weekend, I will be there representing my charitable choir of 37 years, the Stairwell Carollers.
Come say Hi, and ask me about our charitable efforts which include concerts, CDs and even a cookbook to celebrate our 30th anniversary of song.
Oh, and here's a video of us in concert, in case you are brand new to the Stairwell Caroller experience.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Maman" at the National Gallery, Ottawa

"Maman" at the National Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Maman" at the National Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thrilled to announce that my blog, My Ottawa, Canada's Capitol, has been included in the Ottawa Blog Guide at Ottawa  This will motivate me to write more posts on my hometown -- still my favourite place.

Ireland is a close second.

Here is another shot of "Maman" If you haven't stood under her, used her as shade or imagined her devouring the Parliament buildings yet, what are you waiting for?


Sunday, June 1, 2014

My images on display at The Flying Banzini, a fine sandwich sanctuary at Wellington and Holland

This is not a restaurant review. It is a shameless brag-fest about being discovered on twitter. Well, when I say discovered, I really mean that Dave Scharf of The Flying Banzini noticed that I take photos and offered me an opportunity to hang some in his adorable upscale sandwich palace, The Flying Banzini.
Interior view of the Flying Banzini, Ottawa
Interior view of the Flying Banzini, Ottawa
Chefs at the Flying Banzini, Ottawa
Chefs at the Flying Banzini, Ottawa

Bite sized Banzini Cheesecakes
Bite sized Banzini Cheesecakes
Well, maybe it is a restaurant review too. Honestly, no biased. At all. Yummy, adorable eats, from the giant paninis with artisan bread and the best coleslaw since my mother in laws to the teeny cheesecakes, all ingredients are prepared fresh using Banzinis original recipes. Gluten-free too.
Images by Holly Massie displayed at The Flying Banzini, Ottawa
Images by Holly Massie displayed at The Flying Banzini, Ottawa
Allergy- friendly, In fact, there are no peanuts or seeds on the premises. The only nut product used is almonds. And, since all the breads, meats, sauces --  everything is lovingly created from scratch, the chef can assure allergy sufferers a relaxing meal with no worries. Just make sure to tell him of your allergy or sensitivity and he will guide you to a worry free feed.

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My Ottawa, Canada's Capital

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