Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cyranos -- The finest restaurant in Ottawa -- Bell`s Corners

Selo, owner and head chef of Cyranos

Looking for a classy upscale cloth napkin restaurant where you won't lose your shirt and you will have something to bring home for a spectacular breakfast the following day?

Welcome to my dear Mom's favorite eating establishment -- Cyranos. It has gone on to become the favourite of many of our friends also. We've held family get-togethers, reunions, Stairwell Caroller committee meetings and intimate dinners with friends and co-workers.
View from "our" booth of the open kitchen
 Cyrano's menu is small and gorgeous, with every item prepared in the large open kitchen area. We always choose the booth directly opposite ao we can smile our appreciation directly at the people who made our dinner for us, to order. Variations and requests are welcomed and neither of us settle for the exact item as described on the menu. Since every dish is made fresh -- additions or substitutions are no problem and makes each visit an exciting adventure.
Fabulous sourdough bread made fresh daily by a Cyranos chef

Even when my Mother's Alzheimer's  was almost too advanced for her to appreciate the car ride or know she no longer lived at home, she appreciated this wonderful restaurant -- a true home away from home.

My dear Mom and her favourite waitress at Cyranos - Paula
The last time we took her out we went to Cyranos. She recognized the place, the food and the people as familiar and comforting.

Tribute for my Mom's passing from Cyranos staff

When she passed, one of the most lovely flower arrangements at her service was from the staff at Cyranos.

Going to Cyranos is like going home for us - we can always be sure we will have a good time and a great meal amongst friends.

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