Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feleena's Cantina serves up Authentic Mexican fare at a fair price

Your first impression is colour and life overflowing even onto the chairs
Joyous oil painting at entrance

A hint of the energy that awaits inside

When I think Mexican food, 
I think of the cozy, handpainted-chair gem 
of an eatery that is 
Feleena's Cantina. 
hand-painted chair
another chair, hand painted
Look at those chairs!
At the corner of Bank and Second -- right across the street from my favourite ethical Coffee establishment, Bridgehead -- Feleena's is all about convenient location and authentic Mexican treats. The facade's intense hues are an appetizer for the colour-splashed interior.
A gorgeous painting showcased at the entrance welcomes you and the friendly staff offer your choice of table adorned.with one of a kind hand-painted chairs. Cheerful just isn't enough to describe.the richly layered feast for the eyes.  An outdoor patio gives onto Bank street for the best in people watching and fresh air dining.

Did I mention the food? Scrumptious, fresh and spicy. Cheesy, chip-crunchy and satisfying, feel free to make your way through this menu. You'll be sure to enjoy every dish -- and don't forget to try the Margarita!

Proud owner of Feleena's, Clyde Ross
Clyde Ross, owner of Feleena's, loved Mexico-- the culture, the food, the people -- and when he moved here, he wanted to bring the excitement and ambiance with him. 

Also, Clyde is a jovial fellow who shares our love of teaching and music.
Funky Folk art

We found this out after we'd discovered his great food.


 All the menus and prices are available to view on their extensive website HERE
Hand-painted chair politeness
Feleena's on Urbanspoon

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